Electric Guitar Lessons

Are you looking to improve your Electric Guitar playing? Are you a complete beginner and want to start playing Electric guitar? Maybe you are an intermediate to advanced player and really want to progress or iron out som echallenges. 


For some people there are specific parts of their playing that are lacking and for others it a matter of looking for new motivation and inspiration to take their guitar playing forward. 


Would you you like to be able to play lead guitar like a pro? Do you dream of being able to burn all over the guitar neck with ease and precision? Do you have a technique that you have never been able to master? Maybe you want to be able to play some solos from your favourite guitar players along with the record. 


Are you struggling with changing chords? We will help you change smoothly so that you can play songs faster. Some students have challenges with strumming rhythms or using a plectrum. We will help you with all these things so that you can play freely and understand how you will be able to master things that you find difficult. 


Would you love to know the music theory so that you can become a better musician and be able to do more on your instrument? We will help you understand what and why things work in your guitar playing so that you can become a much more well rounded guitar player. 


Maybe you are a beginner and want to get expert help to make sure you set off on the right foot? Get the help you need to go from complete novice to being able to play your favourite songs or create music of your own. 


We teach blues, rock, and metal styles and can help you develop a style of our own in any of these genres. We also offer the opportunity to work towards the RGT Electric, Rock Playing, Bass Guitar and Theory grades and are classed by the RGT as an experienced centre for teaching the exam syllabus. So if you are looking to learn guitar in Kent get in touch to book your free consultation guitar lesson. 

“My previous experience with guitar lesson’s were not very productive. I had one teacher for a few months in my late teens and he talked allot of nonsense to kill the time! (or so it felt!).


Now guitar lesson’s are informative but relaxed. I am always learning something new.Whatever I ask Joe fully explains and helps me with (including theory). Now I can play many scales using the correct fingering. I have also mastered barre chords and attained my grade three in electric guitar.


My improvisation has dramatically improved as well as my technique.Now I am learning much more about my instrument. I am also able to take grades. I always have fun in lessons and a laugh! As a guitar teacher myself Joe gives me tips with teaching others and reassurance!


Joe definitely knows his stuff and can cater to anyone that wants to learn guitar or improve their playing.”


– Sarah Krafft

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